South Community Recovery Network

South Community Recovery Network

Today was our first session with the SCRN pilot group. When we arrived, Neil introduced us and told them a bit about the project. He then invited people to join in and the response was overwhelmingly positive. It was a mixed gender group and there was even a little baby who was present.


A table was set up with various pieces of paper, string and scissors. Neil asked the group members what they could see. Some comments included, “I see potential!”, “It makes me think of sewing machines in an industrial setting.” and, “It looks like a valley of wheat.”

The participants were curious and open from the beginning. They were intrigued to find out what this puppet-making was all about. The participants in the group seemed to know each other fairly well and were comfortable in each other’s company.



The session was productive, and people were openly praising others in the group for their efforts. There was no negativity in the room at all. People were also asking what the next session would involve. They were keen to get involved in the entire process.



By the end of the time slot, everyone in the group had created their head, arms and body. Next week we will be adding legs and then we will begin to manipulate the puppets!



Angela Smith

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