It’s Time to Bring the Puppets to Life…

It’s Time to Bring the Puppets to Life…

The SCRN Pilot Group have just participated in their fourth workshop. Most puppets had been completed and it was time to bring them to life and think of a story for a performance.

There were less people present at the workshop than we would have liked. The group members have many different commitments and on this particular day there was an event on in Glasgow which a few people were attending at the same time as the CC workshop.

Even though the group was low in numbers, those that were there participated very well and enjoyed the activities. The manipulation of the puppets brought a new element to the session and a new level of intrigue from the group members.


A simple story was discussed and practised. N’s puppet would be asleep and then would try to cross a bridge once she woke up. She would be unable to cross the bridge. L’s puppet would then come along and try to persuade her to cross the bridge. The story developed as the session went on. In the end, L’s puppet would cross the bridge and make a walkway for N’s puppet (using its body). After crossing to the other side, N’s puppet would then help L’s puppet up and the story ends with them embracing.

Time seemed to go by quickly during this session. Everyone was immersed in the creation of the story. T still had to add some finishing touches to his puppet because he had missed the last two sessions. However, he did this quickly and joined in happily with the story for L and N’s puppets. There was a good atmosphere in the room and people were generous with their ideas and willingness to help others.


It was agreed that next week (the final scheduled session) a small audience will be gathered and whoever is present will perform with their puppets. We hope to film this too.


We filmed some of the session today – this can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


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